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German GAMEmuseum

The German Museum of Games

Playing Games means Active Communication in the German GAMEmuseum
(Deutsches SPIELEmuseum)

Globally the First Museum of Games, the "Deutsches SPIELEmuseum" offers:
  • Playing actual games including computer-video games
  • Historical Games form all over the World in the exhibition
  • Play Boule and Check outdoors
  • Permanent exhibition of games of the GDR and Fork Art from the Erzgebirge (Collection , Jocobsen, Switzerland)
  • Guided tours and presentations on topics related with games
  • Events related with "Playing Games" e.g. Presentations, Workshops, Game Parties, Game Consulting and Information
  • Exhibitions of Games regional, national and international
  • Publications
  • Archives and Restoration
  • Research
We always are playing ....
wise who is aware of this!

Arthur Schnitzler

Founder and Director of the German GAME museum.
J.Peter Lemcke


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