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Ball of Nations

The "Ball of Nations" consists of 32 pieces: 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons. Each of these pieces represents one of the countries playing at a FiFa World Cup.

The Global Organizer for creating the Ball of Nations is the German Museum of Games taking responsibility for

  • Coordinating all activities for creating the Ball of Nations
  • Providing the material (hexagon/pentagon) to be painted on to the artists
  • Assigning the function of a Host for each of the participating countries (if needed)
  • Exhibiting the resulting Ball of Nations in at least one prominent place during the Global Soccer Championship. After that event the Ball of Nations may be exhibited around the World at appropriate occasions by the global organizer as well as by national hosts.

The Global Organizer will cover cost for the general organization and the main exhibition at the World Soccer Championship. Participating national hosts will cover their own local cost and the artists donate their painting to the German Museum of Games.

A Host in each of the participating countries takes responsibility for attracting an artist to paint one of the hexagons or pentagons. Participating national hosts will cover their own local cost and the artists donate their painting to the German Museum of Games.

SPICE Art Ball

The "SPICE Art Ball" consists of 38 pieces: 32 triangles and 6 squares. Each of the triangles represents one of the member countries in the SPICE Group network. The square may be shared by two (or more) countries. The SPICE Art Ball will be created in a process carried forward at SPICE meetings during one year.

The Global Organizer is the SPICE Secretariat taking responsibility for

  • Ensuring general coordination of activities to create the SPICE Art Ball
  • Providing the materials for draft work at the SPICE meetings during the respective year
  • Exhibiting the SPICE Art Ball at an appropriate occasion at the end of the year

The SPICE Secretariat calculates the cost for creating the SPICE Art Ball and defines the minimum cost contribution for a "national triangle" (or square) including transportation of the ball, materials for the drafting process as well as for the main exhibition of the final SPICE Art Ball. SPICE Members are invited to pay an amount higher than the said minimum. At the end of the year remaining funds (not used for the creating and exhibition of the Art Ball) will be used for a purpose to be defined by the members present at the final meeting.

A Host (SPICE Group member) takes responsibility for coordinating the efforts of all members in the respective country to jointly create the "national triangle" (or square). The Host also ensures the delivery of the final painting for the "national triangle" (or square) to the SPICE Secretariat and for collecting the cost contribution.

Guidelines for creating the parts of the Art Balls

The only general guidelines for creating the paintings are

  • The artists should use exclusively the colors of the national flag (without painting the flag itself)
  • Letters or words should not be used.

More detailed technical instructions can be issued by the global organizers for a specific Art Ball project.


Ball of Nations 2006 - Hanover

Ball of Nations 2002 - Seoul
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