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The National Triangle "Angola"

The "Triangle Angola"
The Artist

João Bettega

Consultant and Expert in Business Incubation.

Contact: +244 925 102568

The Host

Tito Vilinga

Is the Administrator and Financial Officer of the Business Incubator- Angola. I have been in the same area for 6 years and currently doing BBA.


Business Incubation in Angola

Brief History
  • The Entrepreneurship in Angola had limited exposure to technological innovations suited for small-scale enterprises and general lack of support to entrepreneurs. Consequently many small-scale businesses had limited chances to grow and succeed.
  • It was aimed at modeling innovative, successful and sustainable enterprises, especially those that generate value-added jobs and earn higher incomes and those implementing new technologies.
  • The Business Incubator was formed in 2005 with renovation of the structure, and inaugurated in 2007.
Focus of Business Incubator
  • Promote the development of technological products of recognized quality including information and communication technologies (ICT).
  • Promote the creation of self-employment, creating conditions for economic development and social sustained.
  • Promoting private sector development.
  • To link incubates to Banks and other big companies e.g. oil companies and other organizations for credit facilities Dissemination information through the media, news papers.
  • Promote replication of Pre-incubation Centers, Incubators and Entrepreneurship Youth centers in other parts of the country and Implement a national business network.
Target audience
  • Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise undergoing Constitution.
  • Students assigned to the public Institutes.
  • Students engaged in public and private universities.
  • Assigned to the training in entrepreneurship centers.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to start or develop a business, especially the youths from the vocation training centers.
  • Women empowerment and who would like to develop income generating activities.
  • At the moment the Business Incubator has a total of 24 enterprises incubated in the following areas: civil construction, catering, agribusiness, ICT, Design etc.
  • Among the goals of the Business Incubator is for the Incubated enterprises to generate employment opportunities and income.
Overall Business Strategy
  • Despite the importance of small-scale business sector in Angola, with the majority of households depending mainly on informal sector activities given limited employment opportunities in the formal sector, very little support is provided to the youth and Women entrepreneurs. There are limited organizations providing support to entrepreneurs and if they do, they cater mainly to bigger and formal businesses. Consequently, many youths and women entrepreneurs are engaged in petty trading earning meager incomes barely enough to survive.
  • Our goal is to establish more centers in Luanda and later in all provinces to serve as a demonstration model in developing viable centers and processes while nurturing entrepreneurs to create innovative enterprises with high growth and success potential. It is hoped that this center in Luanda will stimulate the replication of more in other parts of the country while fostering entrepreneurship and promoting private sector development.
  • In order to achieve this goal, the business incubator will run and managed in a professional and business-like manner and focus mostly on network trading and other ICT and business advisory services. As the business incubator is not a profitable venture.

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