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The National Triangle "Bahrain"

The "Triangle Bahrain"
The Artist

Mohammed Tayeb

aged 29, is a Bahraini graphic and creative designer who works for Euro RSCG Bahrain. Euro RSCG is a worldwide advertising and branding agency, the largest global agency as measured by total number of global accounts, with 233 offices around the world.

Mohammed believes an artistic talent must never be wasted, instead be nurtured from a young age and be encouraged to fully express itself and develop to something bigger in time. He describes the creative ideas in today's world as a raging stallion, which needs to be tamed in order to fully benefit from it. Furthermore he believes ideas need to go through the proper channels so that they can achieve in the end something great.

He has many hobbies; however the closest to his heart is playing the electric guitar.


The Host

Omer Oz

has been working as General Manager of ODTU-KOSGEB Technology Incubator Manager in Turkey since 1992 and joined Bahrain Business Incubator as its new manager in 2005. During his career he has developed experience in promoting and development SME sector and gained experience of managing Business Incubators. Being a mechanical engineer by profession he started his career working as a preventive maintenance engineer in Al Qassim area in Saudi Arabia. After working there for ca. four years he went back to Turkey to set up his own business for manufacturing and exporting industrial machinery to Iraq until the Iraq war stopped his business activities in Iraq. In 1990 he worked for Turkey Small and Medium Size Industry Development Organization. He was involved in setting up the incubator industry in Turkey and developed rules and regulations for establishing and managing incubators and gradually became the general coordinator of incubators in Turkey. Omer has been involved in several international projects to promote Business Incubator Centers.


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