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The National Triangle "Belarus"

The "Triangle Belarus"
The Artist  
Anatoliy Lebedev
Programmer, network administrator of Business-incubator JSC "MAP ZAO"
Programming, Web design and programming, graphic designer, 3D modeling. Administration of computer network under MS Windows/Unix environment.
The Host  
Sergey Naidovich
since 1989 is General Director of the business incubator joint stock company “MAP JSC”. Before he was Director of the Center of Youth Scientific and Technical Activity as well as teacher at the Belarus National Technical University.
His links with business incubation reach back to Sergey’s activity as a consultant of the UNDP Project “Assistance to creation of business-incubators in Belarus” (1998-2000) and participation at a Community Connection Program of the US Small Business Development (USA, 1998).
He also attended study tours and other international information exchange programs like three years ago to Germany where he visited business incubators in Berlin
Sergey by education is an electrical engineer (Belarus National Technical University) and also has an degree in accounting and auditing (Riga Institute of Engineers of Civil Aircraft), The published scientific articles, for example, in the field of human against electromagnetic fields. He attended High patent course (Moscow, 1987) and holds a Certificate “Anti-crisis management” (Ministry of Economic of Belarus, 2002)
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Business Incubation in Belarus
After “The Regulation on Business Incubators” (1998) was approved the first business-incubator in Belarus was the joint stock company “MAP JSC”. recently in Belarus 9 incubators are functioning. The total amount of rented space in these incubators is 10,700 m2. The business-incubators provide services to more than 250 small and medium-sized enterprises, which employ a total of over 2,500 people.
The government financially supports business-incubators and centers of support of small business for:
  • Acquisition necessary property, reconstruction, and / or repairs of the buildings for preparing them for providing support to start-up businesses and their development;
  • Covering cost for participation of small companies in exhibitions or fairs (including preparation and organization of such participations);
  • Compensation of costs of supporting development of small enterprises (for example conferences, marketing studies, seminars or training).
The Belorussian Union of Business-Incubators and SME Support Centers (BSBI) has been liquidated. The functions of the BSBI are now provided by an association of support structures for small businesses at the Business-Union of the businessmen and employers names after Professor M. Kunyavsky. The head of this association is Sergey Naidovich.



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