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The National Triangle "Costa Rica"

The "Triangle Costa Rica"
The Artists

Zonia Carbajal
created the basic draft for the triangle. She has been developing promotional materials such as brochures, and other organizational memory for a NGO shelter.

Noelia De Leon
created the idea of the triangle and completed the design.
Noelia is not a professional designer, but the lacks of financial resources made her become designer for her own company’s needs. She has been designing for many years also for others companies and for promoting plastic artists with her micro company named Promoarte.

The Host

Noelia De Leon
Founder and President of "Forum of Women Entrepreneurs of Costa Rica". With the commitment of many women to share their experience with others, supporting their development mutually, and improving their skills and opportunities to women entrepreneurs.
She also is founder and owner of a bread producing company named Konig Sabroso S.A. that started operation in the year 1985 selling its products in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. She innovated the market, set trends and tastes of consumers since her company helped raising awareness and education of people and health professionals about the benefits of functional foods. The company today has 30 employees, and produces more than 35 kind of healthy breads and other products.

The motto of Forum for Women Entrepreneurs of Costa Rica is "Businesswomen supporting businesswomen". Our organization is an NGO working for the development of entrepreneurship of women, their empowerment by encouraging their participation in business, with tools, providing opportunities, linkages with other organizations providing support to entrepreneurs; they also share our experiences and knowledge.

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