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The National Triangle "Croatia"

The "Triangle Croatia"
The Artist

Darko Jovanović, born in Osijek, Croatia, studied at the University of Veterinary Medicine at Sarajevo. The Croatian War of Independence interrupted his studies. Darko started painting in his childhood. Although he has no formal education in painting, he never stopped his own research and studies in this field. He had his first exhibition in Osijek, to be followed by the next show in 1991 in Switzerland. He is member of the Painters' Association "LIKAR" being an active participant at all their exhibitions and humanitarian activities organized by other associations. In his painting he applies oil painting technique, aquarelle and further combined techniques.

Other art work of Darko Jovanović
The Host

The TERA Team together with Darko Jovanović created the idea and concept for the Croatian Triangle.

The Technology Development Centre has eight full-time employees managing programs and projects to promote new technologies, innovations and entrepreneurship: Ivan Štefanić, manager of the Technology Development Centre Osijek Ltd., full professor and head of the Section for Finance of Agricultural Economics at the Faculty of Agriculture of the Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek; Ana Nikšić, dipl. oec., specialist in economics, Intellectual Property Rights and project management, finances; Edo Musser, dipl. ing, specialist in agriculture, food-processing, technical and computer sciences, innovation management; Boris Tintor, dipl. ing., specialist in mechanical engineering; Jadranka Akalović, dipl. ing., specialist in industrial and chemical processing; Zdenka Miljuš, specialist in finances and public procurement;

Natalija Zubović, dipl. ing., specialist innovation management; Suzana Šoš, administrator.


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