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Raivo Tamkivi, Counsellor of Tallinn Technology Park TEHNOPOL ( since 2007 and Member, Board of Directors, International Association of Science Parks ( since 2000 served IASP as President 2004-2006 and Vice-President 2002-2004. He is member of International Science Park & Innovation Centre Expert (SPICE) Group since 1997 and Board Member of the Baltic Association of Science/Technology Parks and Innovation Centres since 1996 (President of BASTIC - 2004-2006 and 1996-1999).

During the years 2004-2007 Raivo Tamkivi served as Member of the Executive Board, Tallinn Technology Park TEHNOPOL. He was Founding and Managing Director of the Tallinn Technical University Innovation Centre (1998-2004) as well as Founding and Managing Director of the Tartu Science Park (1992-1997). Before he worked as a Researcher in the Estonian Institute of Physics (1976-1992).

Other professional assignments include positions as invited advisor on innovation support structures in 9 developing countries since 1998, coordinator, participant or expert in 15 international projects, contributor to several national innovation and development plans and programmes since 1997, and organiser of 21 international conferences/seminars (1978-2005). He published more than 75 scientific and professional articles and was speaker at ca. 60 international scientific and professional meetings.

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