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The National Triangle "Georgia"

The "Triangle Georgia"
The Host

Ms. Nino Elizbarashvili,

is founder and President of the Georgian Association Women In Business.

In 1998 she established the first Business Incubator in Georgia. She is an expert of small and medium business. In 2000, he President of Georgia awarded her with the Award of Honour for supporting the small business development.


The Artist

Irakli Bucrhuladze,

26, graphic artist/designer started painting as a child and had his first personal exhibition at the age of 6.

During his study in the Georgian Academy of Arts Burchuladze was painting the sights of old Tbilisi's life, portraits that were distinctive with their generous and fine colour spectrum and gallant touches. He gathered a team of young creative people and established an Association of Young Entrepreneur's “Shemoqmedi” which actively cooperates with the Business Incubator. The Georgian Triangle was created by the Association.

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