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The National Triangle "Jordan"

The "Triangle Jordan"
The Artist

Moutaz Al-Husseini

Junior student at Princess Sumaya University for technology (PSUT) majoring Computer Graphics & Animation Science, he is interesting in computer graphics, 3D modeling & animation and Game programming.

Moutaz works as a free lancer designer beside his university studies, and also works as a volunteer in many society organizations like King Hussein Center for Cancer (KHCC).

He has many hobbies, and the closest to him is making electronic music & playing with DJ.


The Host

Yousef Abu-Hmeidan

Yousef Abu-Hmeidan has over thirty years of experience in fields of businesses incubation, R&D, training, teaching, manufacturing and quality control. In the last four years, he held the position of the first director of the Jordan Innovation Centre (JIC) for Engineers and Industrial Enterprises at the Royal Scientific Society (RSS). During that Period JIC hosted 8 start-up companies, two patents and three trade marks were registered and Winning two Silver Medals in the International Inventors Fair for Middle East held in Kuwait Oct. 2007.

Prior to that, Yousef headed different divisions for several years such as Foundry Division, Manufacturing Division, Design and Manufacturing Division where he conducted many researches and studies in design and production where needed by local industries.

Yousef created The I's of Innovation/Vision for Wealth Creation. ISBN 9957-434-28-4 / 2005, which is a system, was created for the establishment and/or development of innovation in any country or a field within a time frame, all these elements starts with the letter I. Later on, Yousef established the I's of Innovation Enterprise www.ioi-jo ; a virtual business support centre, his aim is to serve Jordanian entrepreneurs and inventors through providing training and consultation. He is approved by Jordan Upgrading and Modernization Program (JUMP) as an expert in fields of Institutional Development and Business Support Centre Services. Also he is recognized by European BIC Network (EBN) as an expert in incubation businesses.

Yousef is holding M. Sc. Degree in Mechanical Engineering; he is a co-founder of the JIC Network in Jordan, Blood Donors Group at the RSS and the Jordanian Foundrymen's society. He is a member in many local and international societies.


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