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The National Triangle "Lithuania"

The "Triangle Lithuania"
The Artists

Monika Alimienė is one of the three innovation and business incubation professionals that drafted the Lithuanian Triangle during the BALTIC DYNAMICS conference in Vilnius, Lithuania.

In 2006 she was working as Project Manager at KTU Regional Science Park (KTC).

Jurgita Šarkienė - Project Manager of KTU Regional Science Park (KTC). KTC has more than five years of experience in assisting and supporting innovative and technology-oriented SMEs, start-up and spin-off companies in Kaunas region and Lithuania. KTC's services include business and technology transfer consultancy, technical-administrative services, organisation of workshops and training courses for entrepreneurs, access to laboratories of Kaunas University of Technology.

Vidas Valentas - Photographer, managing director of one of KTC incubated companies ("V3 studija" Ltd) and the main artist who has painted the final version of the Lithuanian Triangle.

The Host

Assoc. Prof. Dr. P. B. Milius has over 30 years of experience in innovative processes, IPR and 9 years of experience in stimulation and monitoring of innovations at industrial level and technology transfer facilitation services amongst research and industry. P. B. Milius is an expert for Research and Innovation programme of 7th Framework programme in Lithuania appointed by Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania, managing director of KTU Regional Science Park (KTC) and a pioneer of business incubation in Lithuania. Since "day one" he is active member of the SPICE Group network and also within the Baltic Association of Technology and Science parks and Innovation Centers (BASITC).

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