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The National Triangle "Mongolia"

The "Triangle Mongolia"
The Artist

Ganzorig Tsevegsuren

Ganzorig is fine artist graduated from the Institute of Fine Art of Mongolia in 2006. He likes to draw nature, and portraits.




The Host

Tsetseg-Ulzii Yadamsuren

Tsetseg-Ulzii is Executive Director of the Mongolia Development Gateway, and founder of the Mongolian e-Knowledge. She is involved with implementing the NewPath technology business incubator project in Mongolia jointly with the partner organizations.


Business Incubation in Mongolia

The National Information Technology Park

The National Information Technology Park (NITP) is the first government and non-profit business incubator with regular operation in Mongolia. The NITP was established in 2002-2003 by the Government of Mongolia with a grant aid from the Government of Republic of Korea. It aims to support Information Technology development in Mongolia by creating a favorable business environment for IT incubatees - both start-up and offshore outsourcing companies. NITP incubated about 50 companies since its launch of incubation program in September 2003. Services provided by the NITP for the incubatees are rent-free office space, discounted internet service, discounted shared facilities (meeting and conference rooms, exhibition hall and other equipments), and free internal telephone service. Besides, the NITP provides various kinds of business development services like mentoring, guidance and support, business development and professional training, promotion of incubator tenant companiesí products and services, assistance in finding projects. The NITP acts as a bridge between the Government, incubator tenant companies, and foreign enterprises for IT offshore outsourcing projects

The national program "Developing the national innovation system in Mongolia"
This national program was approved by the Government of Mongolia in November 2007. The program consists of four sub-programs, "Creation of innovation system", "Development of progressive technology", "Support for scientific and research works of state-owned universities", and "Training and promotion of young scholars". The main aim of the program is to determine more adequate policy, objectives, and measures to be taken by the Government to ensure socio-economic sustainable development and to improve competitiveness of industrial sector and scientific and technological effectiveness as well as to lay the foundation for the development of effective national innovation system. The program is expected to implement in 2008-2015. The full version of the program is available at

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