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The National Triangle "Palestine"

The "Triangle Palestine"
The Artist

Anas Khalilieh

Junior student at Arab American University of Jenin (AAUJ) majoring in MIS, he is interested in computer graphics and animation.

Anas works as a free lancer designer beside his university.

He has many hobbies, and the closest to him is graphic design.


The Host

Laith Kassis is a graduate from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee in 1991 and he has recently completed a post-graduate studies in IT Management from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Mr. Kassis also has certification in IT Project Manager from the Australian Computer Society and attended numerous training workshops on innovation and incubation with institutions such as the National Business Incubation Association, UNIDO, and the University of California - Berkeley in cooperation with Intel.

Mr. Kassis has over 15 years of professional experience. His most recent is a management position in an incubator lending its business services to start-up companies. His role at the incubator included the design and implementation of incubation processes: technical, business and financials and programs that included marketing the incubator services and an outreach campaign; designing and executing the pre-incubation and incubation programs and the graduation of client companies. Mr. Kassis was able to successfully prepare clients for investors and business development and exiting on the incubator equity share. Mr. Kassis has the ability to deal with and report to multi-stakeholders that include board of directors, donor community, contracting agencies, staff, entrepreneurs and client companies as well as the community of academia, business people and investors. Mr. Kassis has also co-designed and currently fundraising for the PICTI Seed Fund.

On a regional level in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Mr. Kassis has participated in the formation and was founding member of the MENA Network of Incubators (MENAinc) under the umbrella of the infoDev program. Mr. Kassis has also presented and was a key speaker in local and different regional forums and events on subjects related to incubation and seed and early start-ups investment such as the MENAinc Workshops and Forums and Arab Science and Technology Foundation (ASTF) Investing in Technology Forum. Mr. Kassis has volunteered as a panel judge on the 2nd Business Plan Contest organized by both ASTF and Intel.

Mr. Kassis is also a PRINCE II practitioner in IT project management at the University of Sydney and applying best practices in enterprise software acquisition, issuing expression of interest, tendering and subsequent evaluation.

Mr. Kassis has IT business experience, IT project management experience, and is well versed in IT trends, legal, ethical and policy issues. Mr. Kassis is also knowledgeable in IT general administration, IT asset and facilities management, IT procurement, and IT human resource management.

Mr. Kassis is also an active member of Palestinian e-groups and forums: ITsig, ISOC-PS and Palestine Development Gateway portal.

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