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The National Triangle "Philippines"

The "Triangle Philippines"
The Artist  
Jo Ann Bereber-Gando
Jo Ann is a graduate of Fine Arts Major in Visual Communications at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. She is a former member of Illustrator Ng Kabataan (ANG INK) and has illustrated some children’s books such as "Ang Barumbadong Bus", "Juan Tamad" and "Annie D. Ant".
She’s currently working as Graphic Designer in Ayala Museum, one of the major divisions under Ayala Foundation.
Jo Ann a mother to a four year old son.
The Host  

Mercedes Barcelon
Michi M. Barcelon is Senior Manager of Ayala Foundation and Lead of the AyalaTBI Network. The AyalaTBI is a facility network and a service portfolio that help create the ecosystem where technology startups and existing enterprises improve their chances of growing into medium to large-scale businesses, mostly in the ICT space.
AyalaTBI Network provides 43 physicalunits for “within walls” incubation in 4 TBIs. It also hosts a virtual network of 26 technology business plan finalists and 65 teams, all alumni from 3 TechBootCamps™ that the AyalaTBI team runs regularly. The AyalaTBI is also a   networking venue for over 2000 participants in its Tech Forums - Innovation Forum™ and Kape + Teknolohiya™. Michi and her team runs the TechBootCamp™, a 3 day training for teams and start ups to bring technology ideas/ concepts to a product or service level and commercialization - through a full cycle of learning, mentoring and elevator pitch sessions.


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