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The National Triangle "Poland"

The "Triangle Poland"
The Artist

Malgorzata Pakuta is owner of GRAFIKOM in Poznan, Poland, a company providing design work and develops websites for businesses. Malgorzata "translated" the ideas into graphical components and composed the national triangle as shown on this page.


The Host

Larisa Brovarska joined SPICE Group in 2000 as office manager for the SPICE Secretariat in the Science & Technology Park Poznan, Poland. Since than she has contributed much to the work of this network, e.g. with taking responsibility for the book “SPICA Directory”, published at the “World Conference on Business Incubation” in Rio de Janeiro, 2001 or the online version of this global directory of associations for business incubators and science parks. She also organizes SPICE meetings and events and the flow of information within the network.

For the "Polish Triangle" Larisa initiated the process to collect ideas from Polish SPICE members as well as colleagues and friends in the Science & Technology Park Poznan for symbolizing the country "without words". The intensive discussion process generated ideas that resulted in the triangle shown.



Krzysztof Zasiadly started the first business incubator in Poland and served the Polish Incubator association PBICA as president. He has extensive international experience, especially in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. He also helped setting up national business incubation associations.


Jacek Gulinski is Managing Director of the Poznan Science and Technology Park since its start in 1995 and for many years was President of the Polish Incubator association PBICA. He initiated and managed many international projects within the European Union.


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