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The National Triangle "Senegal"

The "Triangle Senegal"
The Artist

Ibrahima Mbaye

is a 11th student, born and living in Senegal. He was interested in drawing since the age of 10, now he is 18 years old and would like to pursue his education in architecture. His art work is around his daily live, young people, landscape…

The Host

Mbarou Mbaye

Mbarou Mbaye is an economist. She has worked for development agencies (the German Technical Cooperation, USAID, and the National Council of Negro Women) in the field of economy and education. She has a strong interest in women issue. She is coordinating the InfoDev research project on women business incubation for the Africa region.


Business Incubation in Senegal

Business incubation is a recent concept in Senegal. The first initiative started in the 1990 through the creation of a technopole in the capital city. The initiative was stopped after 10 years (change in political leaders).

There is no state owned business incubation. There are 2 private business incubators: "pepinieres d'enttreprise"s and "Synopsis center", one nonprofit women business incubation funded through InfoDev grant. (NCNW/WBC) The women business incubation hosted 7 women business in the field of art and craft.

Overall, business incubations support young entrepreneurs in different sectors. Only the NCNW/WBC women business incubation is focused on art and craft business.

There is a national policy to support entrepreneurship. The main goal is to improve the business environment climate, provide technical support to entrepreneurs through training and attract foreign direct investment. Senegal is undertaken an important policy to promote business incubation in 5 regions, each region will specialize in its comparative advantage. The Canadian Cooperation committed to supporting the initiative.



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