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Hugo A.M. van Veghel, PhD

A "gestalt" driven manager with an extensive experience in realistic need assessment, project development, appraisal and implementation. For him the human factor is the key to success. Therefore he is putting emphasis on creativity in SME development together with a gyroscopic balance between "managership" and "leadership".

Founder of TARA International Consulting, Novi Sad.


Business Incubators Serbia
  • Summer 2005 - first Business Incubator opened in Knjazevac
  • Summer 2006 - National Investment Plan
  • December 2006 - Serbian Program for Developing Business Incubators and Clusters adopted by Serbian SME Council
  • Business Incubators in: Nis, Prokuplje, Rača, Senta, Beočin, Pančevo, Kruševac, Užice, Kragujevać, Zrenjanin, Bor.
April 2007 First Technology Incubator in Serbia (4 Technical faculties of the University of Belgrade)
  • Technology Park Vrsac
  • Business Park Beocin
  • Science and Technology Park "Zvezdara"
  • Experimental school farm "Radmilovac"
  • Novi Sad Science & Technology Park started bottom-up at the Faculty of Engineering as NOSIC Novi Sad Innovation Centre (Tempus project um_jep 16090 Currently, two projects are already under way. The first one, supported by an EU Tempus grant, entitled "University Science Parks - Organizational Framework", The second one, the Incubation Centre, supported by GTZ, , is aimed at training the staff of the future incubator (at this time, "incubator without walls").
Contact: Republička agencija za razvoj malih i srednjih preduzeća i preduzetništva, Topličin venac 19, 11000 Beograd, +381 11 33 46 107

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